You’ve just had the worst day ever with your toddler.  

You carried her out of the store like a football under your arm while she screamed and kicked so hard you thought you might drop her.  You felt angry and scared and out of control. Now she’s finally asleep, and you’re exhausted and wondering: What did I do wrong? Or worse: Is there something wrong with her?

You replay the scene in your head. You think, maybe I should have just bought the toy. You can still hear her screams echoing through the aisle; you can still see the looks on the other shoppers’ faces as you abandoned your cart and carried her out of the store.

And then you picture her just a few short months ago – your sweet baby girl. She was so much fun and so easy. Toddlerhood feels a million miles away from that sweet baby.

You can’t escape the nagging feeling that you’re doing it wrong.

You feel so guilty for unleashing your frustrations on her when you were finally in the safety of your car – the look of betrayal on her face as you said angrily, “You know better than to act like that!”  Now you’re feeling alone, guilty, exhausted, and maybe a little hopeless.

You wonder: If it’s like this now, what will it be like when she gets older?

You are not alone, and your little one is not broken.  

We have all been there. Our kids are so little, and yet they have the capacity to feel – and express! – feelings that are SO much bigger than they are. And that’s just it: Their feelings are bigger than they can handle on their own, so they need our help. But there’s no instruction manual, and sometimes we don’t know how to be there for them or what they really need.

This is where I come in.

As a Licensed Psychologist with fifteen years of experience working with children and their parents, and as a fellow parent of young children, I offer tools and perspective that can help you shift your thinking, communication, and actions in these challenging moments.

Through our work together, I’ll help you:

  • regain a sense of harmony and connection in your relationship with your child,

  • navigate the intensity of your child’s big feelings with calm confidence,

  • repair the relationship when you inevitably make mistakes,

  • and gain perspective that will help you see your child’s behavior as normal, expected, and healthy.

There’s no need to keep struggling through these moments; I can help. 

Click here, use the button above, or call 919-344-1296 to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation where we can see if working together is a good fit for your needs.

Parenting Support Services:



In these private consultations, we'll partner to tackle the challenges you're facing as a parent. I'll help you better understand the needs behind your child's behaviors and share tools and perspective that will help you shift your responses in difficult moments. You'll learn to navigate your child's big feelings with confidence and strengthen your connection to your child. You can schedule a single consultation, or we can meet for 8 sessions so that we can complete the entire Circle of Security Parenting® curriculum one-on-one (or as a couple).

Available in office in Cary, NC or online (if you live in NC or VA)


Group Workshops

Circle of Security Parenting® (for parents of children aged 4 months through 6 years): In this 8-week group, you’ll learn a framework for understanding:

  • What your child really needs from you at any given moment

  • What gets in the way of your meeting those needs & how to navigate those obstacles

  • What to do when you inevitably make parenting mistakes

  • How to raise a truly secure child

NEXT GROUP begins JUNE 4th in Holly Springs! If interested, schedule your free 15-minute consultation (use the button below). Circle of Security Parenting® is also available one-on-one (or as a couple).


Individual Therapy

Sometimes, despite knowing what we should do, we struggle because something in our inner world is getting in the way. 

Maybe you try to connect with your child, but you find yourself yelling, much like your own parents did. 

Or maybe setting limits with your children makes you feel anxious. 

Whatever is getting in your way, therapy can help. We'll work together to figure out what's going on and move toward healthier patterns that get you closer to your goals — in parenting and your life as a whole.  

Available in office in Cary, NC, outdoors for walk & talk sessions, or via teletherapy (if you live in NC or VA)