Raising little humans is our greatest adventure.

And yet there’s no instruction manual.

We hear it takes a village, but in today’s society, so many of us follow jobs or other life circumstances away from our families or familiar communities; we often find ourselves figuring this parenting thing out alone or with our partner, without much of a village to love, support, and guide us.

So we turn to the internet for answers and support, but too often our searching leaves us feeling overwhelmed, unsure, anxious, and, ironically, alone.

Whether you’re:

I can help.


You're not alone on this journey.


As a Licensed Psychologist with fifteen years of experience supporting children and families, and as a mother to two small children, I will partner with you on this wonderful and challenging adventure.

We'll work together in a safe space, where we can explore and make sense of even the most painful feelings, the most worrisome questions, and the scariest thoughts.

We will create a plan to help you navigate this journey with confidence, even when it's hard.

Let’s talk about how I can help.

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