You need answers.

Your child's teacher or therapist — or maybe you or your partner — has a question about your child's abilities, academic achievement, or behavior. Maybe someone has even suggested having your child evaluated.

And while you want answers to your questions and you want to support your child, having your child tested can bring up a lot of feelings and questions.

You might wonder: How long will testing take? What information will it give us? What if we find out something is wrong? How much will this evaluation cost? Who will see the report? These are all important questions; check out the Frequently Asked Questions for answers and information on what this process looks like.  

I can help you find these answers.

I'm a Licensed Psychologist with ten years of experience conducting comprehensive psychological assessments with children and adolescents.

I can help you find the answers you're seeking, whether you need an evaluation for WCPSS early kindergarten entry, are seeking to better understand your child's cognitive abilities, need to answer questions about attention, or need guidance in supporting your child socially and emotionally. 

I'm passionate about using assessment as a form of advocacy for your child. This means that I will spend time getting to know your child, talking with you about your concerns, writing a report that reflects your child as a whole person, and giving recommendations for home and school (if applicable) that will help your child thrive.

Don't keep wondering — let's talk about how I can help. 

Click here or call 919-344-1296 to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation where we can see if working together is a good fit for your needs.  

Psychological Assessment Services:


Psycho-educational Evaluations

A psycho-educational evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of cognitive functioning, attention and executive functioning, and academic achievement. This evaluation will give us a sense of your child's abilities, learning style, strengths, and areas that may benefit from additional support. 

Note: When there is a specific question about ADHD and/or Executive Dysfunction, I will conduct an ADHD-specific assessment to determine whether a child meets criteria for either of these diagnoses.  From there, we will make treatment recommendations, and the written report will serve as documentation of any diagnoses.  


Social-Emotional Evaluations

A social-emotional evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of a child's social-emotional functioning.  It will give us a clearer sense of your child's emotional world — including how he processes his feelings and responds when he's upset, ways he's learned to cope, any symptoms he's experiencing, and how he interacts with others. 

Using this data, we'll come up with a plan to help him better navigate difficult situations. A social-emotional evaluation is helpful when you are (or your child’s therapist is) unclear about the best way to proceed; it's a great way to get all the information in one place — and from there, we’ll make a comprehensive plan about how to move forward.  


Early Kindergarten Entry Evaluations

Sometimes children miss the age cutoff for kindergarten by a few months (or even weeks or days!), and parents feel they’re ready and don’t want to hold them back based on an arbitrary date. 

The Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) states that a child who turns four on or after April 16th may enter kindergarten early if s/he demonstrates "an extraordinary level of academic ability" and "maturity" and meets all requirements set forth in the Early Kindergarten Packet. 

An early kindergarten evaluation — which is an assessment of cognitive ability, academic skills, and developmental readiness — will help us make the best decision for your child. The written report will also serve as documentation for WCPSS should we determine that it's in your child's best interests to begin kindergarten this year.