Our mission is to help young families THRIVE — from the pursuit of parenthood onward.  

We empower parents and children with the perspective, tools, strategies, and safe space required for genuine connection, love, healing, and joy.  This means we’re committed to:

Creating a Healing Space

Creating a healing space for the wounds created by loss, struggles in building a family, pain in becoming a parent, and/or other traumas of childhood or the parenting journey.

Providing Education & Outreach

Providing education and outreach to individuals and the community with the goal of increased understanding and implementation of practices that build and support healthy, happy, self-aware, and emotionally-attuned parents, children, and families.  

This outreach includes topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD’s) — prevention and treatment

  • Respecting infants and children as whole people through our interactions, parenting practices, and community and educational programming for children

  • Allowing all people (and especially children) a safe space within which to express feelings, supported by a loving, kind other when necessary

  • Changing patterns of inter-generational trauma — stopping the cycle

Using Research-Based Best Practices

Integrating best practices and new research so as to provide the most effective possible services, care, and support to parents, children, and families

Supporting Parents, Children, & Families

Supporting and contributing to causes that improve mental health and well-being for parents, children, and families