Hi, I’m Dr. Hilary Mandzik! I’m so glad you’re here!

I'm a Licensed Psychologist who’s passionate about helping young families thrive.

I’m also a mom to two young children, so I get it.

I know firsthand that while this parenthood journey can be wonderful and amazing and full of joy … it can also be really, really hard. And at some point along this journey, we all need a little help.

If you’re reading this and feeling sad, unsure, frustrated, or anxious, I want you to know that you’re not alone. And I’d love to help.

I’ve been working with children and families in therapeutic settings for fifteen years, and becoming a mother has given a whole new life to my career. In fact, navigating this huge life transition compelled me to expand my work to include support for new parents. Toward that end, I recently earned a Certificate in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C) from Postpartum Support International, which means I’ve acquired specialized knowledge and training so that I can more effectively support new parents who are struggling.

I believe strongly that these early childhood years are profoundly important — and yet they’re often fraught with challenges. I support parents as they navigate these years, from the pursuit of parenthood onward.

I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology from the George Washington University and completed my pre-doctoral internship working intensively with children and adolescents and their families in a residential treatment setting.

After graduating and becoming licensed, I worked as a psychologist in a variety of settings, from residential treatment to schools to private practice, providing individual and group therapy, assessment, and parent support services.

My dedication to children and families was born long before my doctoral-level training. 

I earned my bachelor of arts in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and from my first child development course, I knew my calling. 

I sought out community lectures from local parenting and child development experts, and I created an unpaid internship opportunity in a therapeutic preschool so that I could learn more. 

I became intrigued and driven by the idea that children desperately need us to accept their feelings and to respect them as the small humans that they are — an idea that went against the grain of the popular thinking of previous generations.  

After graduation, I pursued work in a variety of clinical settings — including a residential treatment facility and a therapeutic preschool — where I honed skills working directly with emotionally at-risk or emotionally-troubled children and their parents.

I then earned my masters degree in education from Harvard University, where I provided counseling and social-emotional education to inner-city kindergartners.

As I pursued my masters degree, I knew that I wanted to delve deeper into the theoretical foundations and practical applications of the work I was doing, which led me to pursue my doctoral training.  

In my practice, I provide a wide range of services to support young families:

My approach is influenced heavily by psychoanalytic theory, which helps us understand how unconscious attitudes and anxieties — as well as our early life experiences — impact our lives; attachment theory, which is a subset of psychoanalytic theory and underscores the importance of the parent-child relationship; and RIE Parenting, which emphasizes respect and acceptance of feelings in the parent-child relationship.

Our work together will be tailored to support your or your child’s needs, pulling from a large toolbox that includes play therapy, mindfulness work, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and Brainspotting, which is a targeted and effective trauma treatment.

My goal is to help you navigate — and love! — these foundational years of parenting and childhood, even when things get difficult.

Click here or call 919-344-1296 to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation where we can talk about how I might best support your family.