The next group begins on June 4th, 2019 (details below). Spots are limited, so sign up now!

Managing your child’s meltdowns has left you exhausted.

You can’t figure out what your child needs from you in these difficult moments. You’ve tried it all — you’ve ignored tantrums, you’ve loosened your expectations, you’ve gotten stricter … and while you hate to admit it, you’ve even lost your temper a few times.

You want to feel more connected to your child, and you’re not sure how to get there.

But what if you had a “road map” to help you decode your child’s needs? What if you had a framework for understanding your own feelings and reactions in your relationship with your child? How would things be different if you knew what to do, even in the most difficult moments?

You don’t have to keep struggling!

The idea of having a framework to guide you as you parent isn’t some out-of-reach dream — the Circle of Security Parenting® curriculum can give you just that.

If you're feeling stuck in, wanting more out of, or just wanting to set yourself up for success in your relationship with your child, our upcoming Circle of Security Parenting® group — led by Dr. Hilary Mandzik, Licensed Psychologist and parent-child relationship specialist — might just be the key you’ve been looking for.

In this 8-week group, we’ll explore the needs hiding behind your child’s behaviors, the struggles ALL parents face in meeting these needs, and how to meet these needs effectively and in a way that helps you feel connected to and in tune with your child!

Watch the following video to learn more about the Circle of Security Parenting® program:


  • The next Circle of Security Parenting® group will take place on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30pm at Great Minds Montessori Academy in Holly Springs, NC.

  • The group will run from June 4th through July 30th (no group the week of July 4th).

  • This is an 8-week group, and each week’s content builds on the week prior; therefore, you must commit to the full 8 weeks in order to participate.

  • We understand that emergencies and illnesses happen; if you truly need to miss a week, we can catch you up. If you miss more than one week, you’ll need to participate in the program at another time.

  • The group is $60 per person per session OR $420 for the full 8 weeks paid upfront (equivalent to one week FREE).

  • If you want to file for reimbursement by your insurance provider for your participation in this group, you may do so using CPT Code 90853; I will provide a superbill, or insurance-specific receipt, for your participation. For more information on using insurance, click here.

  • Please note that if this group doesn’t work with your schedule, you can sign up to complete the program as an individual or couple in my Cary, NC office.

  • If you’re ready to sign up (or would like to learn more about this group), click on the yellow button or fill out the form below to schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation where we’ll make sure this group is a good fit for your needs.

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